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Online shopping and huge discounts increase sales in UK

It seems like the people of Great Britain have been going crazy during their shopping sprees, spending more money than ever. It was found that the UK customers were spending more in May 2013 than since records began.

The online retail sales have seen an increase in recent times and have suggested some signs of economic recovery, which in turn is giving people more confidence to spend their money. April 2013 was a cold month for online retailers but shoes, clothes and household appliances all saw an increase in sales starting May 2013.

The recent boom in shopping and online retailing showed a boost in the economy. The Chancellor George Osborne claims that Britain’s economy has left intensive care and that economic news have been better in recent months. Even the price war at the supermarkets forced shoppers to spend more on food. The Office for National Statistics said that all store types reported a rebound in sales starting from April of this year, when the country was hit by an unusually cold weather.

On the other hand, when compared to the previous year, the retail sales volume in May of this year was up by 1.9 percent.