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Eurozone Crisis : Greece government to agree on renegotiation

There are possibilities that the government of Greece might agree on June 19, 2012 to form a government to seek relief from the austerity measures which is imposed as measures as a condition for emergency loans. Fotis Kouvelis the Democratic Left leader after a meeting with Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos in Athens said, “Agreement on a policy roadmap is the definitive point to form a government”. Kouvelis added, “The process is speeding up. It is possible that in the next few hours, or within the day, a government can be decided.”

The parties, in coalition with the New Democracy’s Antonis Samaras who won June 17 Elections, will be the junior partners. If the three team up then they will be holding a majority of 179 seats in the 300 members Greek Parliament.

Samaras is now trying to form a new Cabinet of traditional rivals to negotiate changes to some of the austerity measures linked to the 240 billion euros pledges by the international lenders. After a round of talks with Kouvelis, Venizoles the former socialist finance minister said that there was an initial agreement on the policy framework for the new government.

They agreed on the need for the negotiation team including people from outside parliament.

The Eurozone crisis has affected global financial markets and economies.


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