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Raymond to launch beer shampoo for Indian market

Men’s apparel and grooming giant Raymond said that it will soon launch a beer shampoo for men. The company said that its new product can work wonders with hair. The clothing giant will be rolling out the new shampoo under its Park Avenue brand and hopes that it will shake up the Rs. 3,000 crore male grooming market in the country.

Anil Kulkarni, the business director at Raymond’s FMCG said, “The beer shampoo is India’s only such product made within the country”. Kulkarni also said that the product is targeted at stylish young Indians who want to groom themselves with innovative products.

The concept of using beer as a shampoo became popular after Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones said that beer was among her top home grown beauty secrets for her hair. Beer contains two basic ingredients – malt and hops, which are filled with protein and help in nourishing and strengthening hair.

Kulkarni went on to say that the company plans to put the shampoo  in retail stores over the next few weeks. The new product is expected to be priced on par with other similar products in the market such as HUL’s Clear and P&G’s Head & Shoulders, which are targeted at men. The company experimented with beer shampoos years ago but on a small scale. However, this is the first time such a product will be mass marketed.


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