A review of the Dreamliner 787 plane has been ordered by US regulators. The review has been demanded after a series of incidences have raised questions over the safety of the flagship aircraft belonging to Boeing.

The Federal Aviation Administration’s review will look at the design and manufacture of the airplanes. Despite the series of incidents, it is still not clear if the aircraft in operation will be grounded or not. The questionable incidents included a brake problem, electrical fire, fuel spill and cracks in the cockpit’s windshield which affected the Dreamliner 787 flights in the past few weeks.

Marc Birtel a spokesperson from Boeing said, “We are absolutely confident in the reliability and performance of the 787”. The spokesperson also said that they are working with the FAA and their customers to ensure that they thoroughly understand any introductory issues which might arise.

Birtel also assured that they do take every issue seriously and that nothing they have seen in service causes them to doubt the capabilities of the airplane. The Dreamliner 787 is considered to be one of the most advanced airplanes ever created. Most of it is manufactured from very strong and also light carbon fiber composite material. However the recent spate of technical issues has started to hurt the airliner.