The PSU Oil Marketing Companies have been directed not to supply households with multiple-connections with LPG, for which no Know Your Customer (KYC) details have been submitted. This will come into effect on June 1, 2013. Transactions, including the delivery of non-subsidised cylinders will not be allowed once such connections have been blocked.

Customer data has been shared between IOC, HPC and BPC, while multiple LPG connection holders have been identified and intimated. List of such customers has been displayed at the respective LPG distributors, as well as published on the OMC websites including, and

Only these customers will have to submit their KYC details with identity proof and proof of address immediately to the nearest LPG distributors, so that they can receive uninterrupted quota of subsidised cylinders. Other customers whose names do not appear on the list need not to submit their KYC details as they do not have to do so as of now.

The PSU Oil Marketing Companies will have to advise all multiple-connection holders to submit their KYC details. Customers are also advised to surrender their LPG connections immediately to their LPG distributors in order to avoid blocking of future supplies.