A decision has been taken by a restaurant in Manhattan to eliminate tipping from the fine dining experience. Instead of the tipping, the restaurant will be paying its waiters a set salary and will also increase the prices of menu items by 15 percent, which will in turn compensate for employee wages. This recent move is similar to that of the European dining system, in which the patrons do not tip.

Instead, they are accustomed to pay an extra 18 to 20 on dinner bills in order to compensate for the wait staff salaries. At Sushi Yasuda, there is no tip line on the bill, but there is a line of text to inform its customer,s which reads, “Sushi Yasuda’s service staff are fully compensated by their salary.”

In New York City, the starting salary for most waiters is $2.25 per hour and an assumption is made that waiters will make an additional wage through tips. At Sushi Yasuda, the pay model replaces voluntary tipping with a set of 15 percent service charge on all bought items.

Scott Rosenberg, the owner of the restaurant, said that this will help them to simplify the dining experience.