Many food item manufactures in India might be in trouble for making misleading claims in the advertisements of their products. For this, the Indian government has launched a prosecution against such food manufacturers of 19 food items.

The Minister of State for Health  AHK Choudhary said in a written statement that the alleged misguiding claims in advertisements were monitored by the Food Safety Standards and Authority of India. Choudhary added, “So far 38 food items had been identified with misleading claims. Manufacturer of these articles were served with show-cause notices and their replies were examined at FSSAI by a three-member committee.”

The recommendations of the committee state that prosecutions have been launched in 19 cases by designated officers at the regional level. Ghulam Nabi Azad,  the Union Health Minister,  upon a query over sale of soft drinks in hospitals said that his ministry has not issued any such directive in this regard.

Azad also said that since health is a state subject,  it is up to the state governments to take decisions about the matter. On the queries regarding the misuse of correction fluids and nail paint removers, the minister said that the states have been requested to take action for the enforcement of necessary measures by sensitizing the industries producing these products.