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Costa Coffee inaugurates 100th coffee outlet in Mumbai

British multinational coffeehouse company Costa Coffee has inaugurated its 100th store in the Indian city of Mumbai. Costa Coffee entered in to the Indian market in the year 2005 while partnering with Devyani International Limited.

At present the brand has its outlets in Bengaluru, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Agra. Ravi Jaipuria the chairman of RJ Corp the group is looking forward to open 100 more stores n the next 24 months.

Santosh Unni, the CEO of Costa Coffee India said, “The brand is clearly looking at becoming an 8-city operation in 5 years.” Apart from the expansion plans, the brand is also looking forward to change the need to go beyond serving coffee alone.

Unni added, “It has to keep the customer engaged and delighted constantly.” While keeping this in mind, Costa has identified some of the pillars like standup comedy, music, books and arts as the key engagement drivers for the brand. In future it will be interesting to see how the cafe battle is planned out in the country as more and more brand are planning to set up shops here. India is considered as one of the most lucrative markets in the world due to which more and more brands are attracted towards the market.


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