Indian cosmetic brand Vicco is now all set to appeal the young consumers. The 58 year old brand will soon be rolling out shaving creams and face washes to appeal the young consumers.

Vicco Laboratories had recently launched its sugar free tooth paste and will also soon be rolling out over the counter ayurvedic medicines. The information on the new products was given by Sanjeev Pendharkar, the director of Vicco Laboratories and is also the grand son of the founder KV Pendharkar.

The brand Vicco in the past years has built up tremendous brand equity in natural skincare and oral care segments in India and many of the International markets. But the brand observers say that the family run company will have to change its traditional approach to branding so as to remain contemporary and reach out the young crowd below 26 years of age.

The markets observers also say that Vicco has not invested in packaging, branding or advertisements and offers a generalized benefit to the consumers in the market which is getting thinly sliced in terms of product and benefits. The market watchers also say that it is difficult for the company to become relevant among the youngsters without professional help.