Indian biscuit and confectionery manufacturer ‘Parle Products’ said on October 16, 2012, that it will take legal action against the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration. Parle reacted to FDA’s claims that its product branded ‘Kaccha Mango Bite’ contains lactic acid beyond permissible limits.

Parle issued a statement in which it said that they have challenged the action taken by the FDA, and that the matter is now pending with the Bombay High Court. The statement added, “It is our contention that use of lactic acid in Kachha Mango Bite is absolutely safe for human consumption”.

The FDA had asked Parle earlier this week, to recall the brand due to the presence of lactic acid in the candy. The firm had conducted raids on Parle’s factories in Raigad and Nashik Districts in the state of Maharashtra. A complaint was lodged saying that the candy had lactic acid, which was beyond the permissible limits. The complaint was lodged in the Marathwada region.

According to our reports, an official from the FDA said that the product is positioned as a sugar boiled confectionery, and as per law, such products cannot contain lactic acid beyond the permissible limits.