Crisi-hit Indian airliner Kingfisher, had offered its employees three months worth of salary on October 22,2012. Their salaries have been outstanding for a while now. However the offer was rejected by some sections of their employees as they demanded salaries of at least four outstanding months, to be paid within a day or two.

Satish Chandra, one of the employees of Kingfisher said that staff members will not join work before their dues have been paid. Mishra alleged that the airline was sending incompetent people to discuss the matter with their employees, due to which any meeting always ended in failure. The airline’s employees have not received their salaries for the last seven months, and recently one of employees wife had committed suicide due to financial pressure.

An  employee was quoted saying, “We don’t trust the management. We want to talk to Mallya. Where is he? We want to hear from him directly. The management has been fooling us till now.” Chandra also said that the airline has been playing with their emotions and sentiments.

The disgruntled employee also said that they want to face Mr Mallya and not representatives through any indirect means. The DGCA had also suspended the airlines’ flying license, after there wasn’t any response to the show cause notice issued to the airline.