In recent days it has been noticed that the vegetable prices in India have come down. The stability in the prices of vegetables has come due to improved supplies to vendors. Traders expect that the prices might fall further after the Indian festival of Diwali which will help in easing food inflation.

In the month of September, headline inflation had reached a high of 7.81% which was a high point for the financial year, due to the increase in the prices of wheat and cereal; the price of these products was increased due to the hike in diesel prices.

In the month of September it was noticed that the food inflation has slipped to 7.86% from 9.14% in the month of August. Pradipta Sahoo, the business head at Mother dairy said, “Vegetable prices are softening each day”. Sahoo also pointed out that cabbage, beans and other green vegetables have become cheaper over the last fortnight by 10-30 percent.

On the other hand the West Bengal government has set up a task force which will have a check on the market prices during the festive season. The team has collected market prices by visiting the corporation market in Kolkata.