Popular breakfast cereal maker Kellogg India is once again planning to localize its Indian portfolio. The company is attempting to change its flavors once again after almost a decade. It had earlier introduced its coconut and elaichi flavors in the Indian market, which did not receive much response.

Kellogg India will now be introducing some new flavors like tomato, pudina and garam masala for its oats range, which should appeal to the Indian taste buds. One of the officials from the company said, “Kellogg is betting big on this launch… it wants to directly take on PepsiCo’s Quaker, which has begun selling oats in localized variants”.

The Indian arm of the cereal maker will now be joining a number of multinational food compnaies, which are being forced to adapt according to the local taste. Apart from Kellogg, India became the first country where Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) known for its chicken specials, opened a wholly vegetarian outlet.

It has been noticed that not all localized flavors have worked within the Indian market. The steamed veg muffins from McDonalds did not work, and the aerated ‘nimbu paani’ known as ‘Nimbooz’ by 7 Up did not fare too well, as it is not easily spotted on shelves during the non-summer months.