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Boeing 787 conducts first successful test flight of Dreamliner 787

American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which manufactures the controversial Dreamliner 787, on March 25, 2013, took the aircraft to the sky for a test flight. The test flight was aimed to show that the flight’s new lithium-ion battery system meets the regulatory safety standards.

The company has taken a major step in ending the two month long global winding up. The flight lasted for roughly two hours and the company said that the test went according to the plan. Though the trip lacked the crowd support which had cheered it on first flight in 2009, the company found success in the test flight and will also allow Boeing to carry on with the second test flight in the upcoming days.

After the test flights, the company will get data which has to be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration to certify the new battery system. Earlier, the FAA had grounded all the 50 Dreamliners in the month of January, after reports of the battery heating up on two separate aircraft.

One of the aircraft was parked at the Boston Airport, while the other had to make an emergency landing in Japan. After many proposals, the FAA agreed to proceed with the tests earlier this month, which would need to be done if the airline is to return to service.


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