American low-cost airline Spirit Airlines has announced that their customers will be charged $7 for wine that is served in a can. The airline is already well-known for charging their fliers for almost everything. The airline is counting on the fact that its customers will surely pay for the canned wine.

Spirit Airlines had announced on June 6, 2013 that it will begin selling the canned wine for $7 or $12 for two cans. Customers will be given the option to choose between Friends Just Wine brand’s white or strawberry moscato. On the other hand, the airline will continue to sell Sutter Home’s traditional mini bottles of wine.

Media reports have said that the Spirit’s can of wine is bigger, with 250 milliliters, to the bottle’s 187, but is less potent. Canned wine has 6% alcohol by volume compared to 13% for Sutter Home. The airline prefers the cans as they are easier to stack and store on the aircrafts which have limited storage space. The cans also weigh less and the airlines are getting obsessed with making their planes lighter to save on fuel.

However, passengers are not so positive about the change, as one enthusiast says that his wine consumption stops at a plastic bottle.