Food company Nestle India opened its first research and development centre on November 8, 2012 in India. The new research and development centre has been opened so as to further understand its Indian consumers and to provide scientific and technological expertise to the rest of its global business.

Nestle has invested approximately Rs. 287 crore for the centre, which has been set up at Manesar in Haryana. Paul Bulcke, the chief executive officer at Nestle said, “Our R&D centre in India will help us gain important insights into the local consumer’s eating habits and taste preferences, as well as greater expertise in using and processing local ingredients to develop products for India and beyond”.

The new research and development centre is a part of the company’s R&D network, which will enable the company to acquire local knowledge and use it on a global scale as well.  The new centre will specialize in Asian noodles and cooking, it will also focus on developing highly nutritious and affordable products in appropriate serving sizes, for consumers with lower income.

Bulcke said that the company’s investment in India reflects its long term commitment to strengthen its R&D capability in emerging markets. With the new centre, the company also aims to extend the range of mainstream  products that it currently offers.