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Kingfisher Airlines employees threaten to disrupt IPL matches

Employees of the ailing Kingfisher Airlines are frustrated about not getting their salaries on time. It has now been ten months that the employees have not got their salaries. Due to this, the people in question have demanded that the airline chief Vijay Mallya be prosecuted. The disgruntled employees have also threatened to disrupt the ‘Royal Challengers Bangalore’ (RCB) Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, which is owned by Mallya.

Santosh Gautam, the president of the Kingfisher Airlines Maintenance Association said, “If Gopal Kanda, promoter of MDLR airlines, can be prosecuted for suicide of an employee, why can’t the government prosecute Vijay Mallya for suicide of the family member of his employees”.

One of the airlines’ employees SC Mishra, said that last time the Formula 1 race was organized amid fear of protests, after which the KFA management had paid employees salary amounting to one month’s compensation, with the assurance that they would pay the remainder soon. However, they failed to keep their promise.

Even the RCB players have been asked to boycott the team by the protesting employees. The employees have asked the Board of Cricket Control India not to allow RCB to participate in the upcoming Indian Premiere League.


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