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Energy-efficient home owners to pay less council tax

Suggestions have been made by the UK Green Building Council that the changes must be funded by making owners of inefficient homes pay more. Energy-efficient homes must pay less for their council tax and stamp duty to force take-up of the government’s energy-efficiency home scheme.


The UK Green Building Council said that the changes will be funded by making the owners of the country’s most inefficient homes pay more. An analysis was published in June 2013 on how to improve the green deal. Figures from the government have revealed that only 245 households were to finalize financing under the green deal, six months after the launch.

The scheme depicts owners of the houses take out loans with private companies, attached to their properties in order to cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements, including the new boilers and insulation. On the other hand, this has been criticized for being too complex, having high interest rates for the financing being beset by the legal, as well as software delays.

Meanwhile, low-income households already pay more for their fuel. A spokesperson for the UK GBC admitted that the changes encountered practical challenges and many older homes are yet to be assessed for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).