People who are looking for buying diesel cars must be ready to shell out 20% more price than that they had bargained for a year back. While the petrol car buyers can bargain their cars for a striker price which is 15% lower than before.

Yatin Chadha, the Mahindra First Choice vice president said that the price gap between diesel and petrol vehicles in the used car market has widened following the skewed fuel pricing. The widening has happened due to the after the successful rounds of petrol price hike with diesel prices remained constant.

Chadha, “The demand for used diesel cars is on the rise. Though we are still a small player in the sector and have enough stock to meet the sales target, bigger players will be in trouble as the market gets further skewed due to fuel. There just aren’t enough used diesel cars in the market at present”.

Last year the ratio of the petrol and diesel of the used car sales has reduced to 70:30 this year. The customers are switching to diesel cars from petrol cars due to the rising prices of petrol. Moreover, it makes sense to buy a diesel vehicle only if a person travels 2,000 kms per month.