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New Railways Minister hints at passenger fare hike

After the major cabinet shuffle, the new railways minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has brought some bad news for railway passengers. The minister has hinted about a possible price hike to improve railway services.

When asked if passenger fares would be increased, the minister said, “Fare will not be increased for the sake of increasing fare. If fare will be increased, then it will be for providing better services to the passengers”. After assuming charge at Rail Bhawan, Bansal said that the improvements in services will have to be introduced with the increase in fares.

In the current situation, the Railways is facing some financial issues, and funds are blocked for many ongoing projects. While justifying such a step, the new Railways Minister said that they need to ensure that the vast infrastructure of the railways does not collapse and stop functioning. Bansal added, that for this they have to increase fares.

The minister went on to say that he was sure the pubic would appreciate an improvement in service as well. Adheer Kumar Chaudhary, the new Minister of State for Railways also favored the hike in passenger fares. Chaudhary said that the fares have increased in every area so why not the railways.


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