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Air India to reduce free baggage allowance

Indian airline carrier Air India is all set to lower its free baggage allowance from 20 kgs to 15 kgs in the domestic sector. The airline will start charging a flat rate of about Rs. 200 to 250 per kilo on excess baggage from next week. The latest decision has been taken after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a circular, which allowed the airline to charge for extra services.

The extra services included meals, snacks, check-in baggage, preferential seats, drinks (barring drinking water), as well as sports and musical instruments on their domestic flights. From next week, Air India passengers will be allowed to carry just 15 kgs for free and have pay extra for excess baggage,  which currently varies between Rs. 150 – 400 per kg depending upon the sector.

No charges will be made for handbags  up to 7 kgs. The airline also said that registered frequent flyers will be allowed to carry up to 20 kgs of checked in baggage as it is prevalent now. Air India is also trying to levy charges for preferential seats,  but no decision has been taken so far.

Business class passengers will be charged on this count and will be allowed to carry 30 kgs of free baggage.


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