Chocolate manufacturing giant Cadbury has come with new ‘temperature tolerant chocolates’ which do not even melt even at 40 degree Celsius. The new range of chocolates will soon be available in  hot-weather countries like India.

While talking about the new chocolate, scientists at the Cadbury research and development plant in Bourneville in the UK said that the new chocolate bar has the capacity to stay completely solid even during temperatures of 40 degree Celsius for more than three hours.

The engineers at Cadbury have also applied for an 8,000 word patent application for making the breakthrough temperature tolerant chocolate. For a standard chocolate, the melting point is 34 degree Celsius, which makes the new bars ideal for warmer weather.

The new recipe will be available in the hot countries like India and Brazil. The secret behind the new bar is the conching step,  where a container is filled with metal beads which grind the ingredients such as vegetable oils, cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

The company has developed a new way of breaking down sugar particles into smaller pieces and this makes the bar more resistant to heat. Cadbury, in its patent application said that they have found that it is possible to instill temperature tolerant properties by refining the chocolate after the conching step.