Fast food giant McDonald’s was recently faced with allegations that it serves unhealthy food which causes obesity. Don Thompson, the company’s chief executive, defended these concerns and said that they do not sell junk food.

Thompson added, “We sell a lot of fruits and veggies at McDonald’s and we are trying to introduce even more.” These comments were made by Thompson at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, where six out of 13 shareholder questions were related to McDonalds’s role in obesity epidemic and a few dozen protestors rallied outside the company’s suburban Chicago campus. In recent years, McDonald’s has come under increased pressure over its high-calorie food, which has contributed to the obesity in the US.

In 2012, the company agreed to provide nutritional information on its menu, after a long time opposing the change. The company has also been trying to erase its junk food reputation by offering fruit smoothies, salads and apples in its Happy Meals.

Thompson also disputed allegations that the company targets African-Americans by using prominent black athletes like gymnast Gabby Douglas and basketball player LeBron James. The chief executive defended the company by saying that it did not particularly target minority communities or children.